The Shield of Inner Jurisdiction

The Shield of Inner Jurisdiction

For the past couple years I’ve been reflecting. How is it that so many people have handed over their authority, autonomy and bodily sovereignty? And what separates those of us who haven’t succumbed? What makes us different?

In my work forming Private Membership Associations, I regularly speak to people in that second camp. The ones who, like me, value their own knowing. They believe in their inalienable rights to make choices that are best for themselves, and by extension what’s best for the greater community. They believe in our Constitutional Republic and the laws put in place to protect our freedoms. But they still struggle with fear of being punished for their autonomy. 

After all, that’s the game we’re up against. We know what’s right, but what happens if we act on it? Will it come at a cost? But if we don’t take action, will we pay the price of slavery? This is where I realized, personal jurisdiction is the foundation. And I don’t mean jurisdiction of courts, although that’s important too.

In the PMA world we focus on the concept of lawful jurisdiction. By that I mean, structuring your Association within the private domain takes you out of public jurisdiction. So regulations, laws and codes put in place to ‘protect the public’ do not apply to the affairs of your Association. You are operating outside of their jurisdiction. That’s important. But on a deeper level, the claim of personal jurisdiction is the foundation. 

And that’s an inside job. For me, it’s a deep understanding that I am a sovereign being and I do not give my authority to any other person, group of people, or the decrees they might try to impose on me. I sense a force field of protection, an invisible shield. The demands of others that aren’t healthy for me? They bounce off.

When I find myself feeling fearful, or doubting my own power, I refresh the shield. I do that by bringing my awareness back to the truth of who I am: a powerful being of light, an extension of my Creator. I know what’s right for me. “I AM IN MY KNOWING” is something I will say to myself as a claim of truth.

I’ve found the best way to get in touch with my inner authority is to practice my Human Design experiment. As a Generator, I must rely on the ‘yes’ or ‘not now’ sacral response that comes from my body. Your design might be different from mine, and I’d encourage you to look into your own strategy and authority to understand how you best operate in the world. 

Another way I love to connect with inner truth is through A Course In Miracles. It’s the spiritual teaching that never fails to bring me peace and groundedness. If you have a spiritual practice, don’t underestimate the power of connecting with that teaching. Whatever reminds you of your birthright as a natural human being will help gird up your shield. 

In any case, I can assure you that when connecting with your own true authority, you’ll feel a sense of rightness that will strengthen your force field. It’s like hitting the refresh button.

Once you claim your inner jurisdiction, you move about the world with a layer of safety and protection. What isn’t right for you will be repelled. You can exist in the eye of the storm. When you feel shaken by the storm, you’re in doubt or fear, remember to call upon spiritual assistance and trust your inner jurisdiction. 

All else will align from that place of power.

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