Beat Inflation Rates By Banking with Silver

How To Beat inlation Rates - A New Way of Banking with Silver - Erin Blair - Imagine With Erin

If you’re paying attention to inflation rates, central bankers and the rollout of the recently announced ‘Global Digital Currency’ scheme, you may be wondering how to protect your money and beat inflation rates.

One way to hedge against inflation is to buy gold or silver. It’s great in theory, but not really practical if you need access to your money to pay for everyday expenses. Until now.

I’ve discovered a PMA silver bank that gives members all sorts of options in how to manage their silver. Instead of paper money backed by nothing, all your holdings are backed by physical silver in a secure warehouse.

As a member of Liberty Dollar Financial Association, you can buy silver with USD and have access to that in an online account. They offer a bill pay service, and they’re working on a debit card. You can receive certificates of silver to use in trade, or you can opt to have the physical silver shipped to you. They even have a button you can add to your website to accept payments in silver.

Being a PMA, Liberty Dollar doesn’t report to the IRS. Your transactions are private. They’re developing a network of businesses dealing in silver, and they offer a franchise opportunity if you’re interested in bringing Liberty Dollar to your community.

LDFA recommends the use of silver as a means of preserving your spending power against the effects of inflation and devaluation of the dollar… and I agree! With hyperinflation on the horizon, trading dollars for silver is a practical precaution. 

If you’re interested in opening an account, please use my affiliate link. Once you have an account you can generate an affiliate link of your own, and earn a small fee each time someone invests in Liberty Dollars using your link. 

I’m excited to see how freedom loving people are building a bridge to the future by creating parallel systems like this one! Please share this post to help spread the word. The more people who join this movement, the more power we’ll have. 

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