Hi, I'm Erin and I help people claim authority over their businesses through a Constitutionally protected concept known as the Private Membership Association. 

As a licensed professional small business owner, I spent more than 15 years following the regulations required to operate my business in the public domain. I'm familiar with the limitations of doing business the 'old' way. Like so many, I closed my business at the beginning of Covid because I didn't know my options. It doesn't have to be that way! A properly formed private membership association gives you freedom to operate outside the jurisdiction of local, state and federal authority, with tax protections as well. 

I have implemented these strategies myself. I formed a Private Ministerial Association to take my business out of the public, into private jurisdiction. 

My inspiration for doing so? After discovering the (incredible!) health benefits of chlorine dioxide, I wanted to be able to freely share this information with others. It can safely treat many ailments, from Covid to cancer. The protection afforded by operating in the private domain is the only way to speak freely about health treatments not 'approved' by the FDA. You can learn all about chlorine dioxide in the Imagine: Miracles membership area of this site. 

I'm a Certified PMA Power Advisor, Owner of clearlybetterskin.com, Acne Specialist Esthetician, Certified Integrative Health Coach, and many years' student of A Course in Miracles. I live the freedom fight in beautiful Northwest Montana, USA.

As the owner of a skincare clinic, I was subject to the shut-down mandates and had to pivot to an online business. It was that show of authoritarian overreach that initiated my search for a way to operate my business as I see fit. 

At the same time, I discovered chlorine dioxide which is not approved by the FDA to treat any condition...however it's been proven to safely treat Covid and a multitude of other ailments. 

I was searching for a way to teach people about this miraculous discovery in a way that wouldn't have me 'practicing medicine' without a license. 

All of these issues were remedied with one solution: the Private Membership Association.

Have a look around this site and you'll see some other ways I'm working toward bringing in the New Earth. Inside Imagine: Miracles we're joining like minds through Intention Experiments to lift our current events. There you'll also find my Resource Library with sovereignty tools ranging from how to use the magical chlorine dioxide health treatment, to becoming your own banker. We'd love to have you join us in the mission and the movement!

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